Going vegan is much easier than you think, we've got some tips and tricks for you and plenty more coming soon.

Eating Out

Eating out can seem like a real challenge for a vegan, but it's not as bad as you think. Many restaurants in and around Cape Town have at least a handful of vegan options or would be happy to make a small change to a vegetarian dish to veganise it for you if you ask.

There are plenty of great places to eat that offer fantastic vegan options. You can check out our eating out section to find a whole list of great places to try out.

Eating Out

Eating In

Eating in can seem just as difficult at first, but there is a huge range of great vegan recipes. With a just a little time and skill in the kitchen you can cook up a great meal.

We have a some great recipes for you to try out, check out our recipe section to get some ideas.