Vegilicious at the University of Cape Town


Vegilicious’ story starts in 2011, where it began as a project under UCT’s Green Campus Initiative (GCI). While both share the same passion for environmental sustainability, it became clear that Vegilicious had a separate overall mission and as interest grew, it started as its own society in 2014.

Although Vegilicious started at UCT, it has also since been registered as a non-profit organisation for the wider Western Cape vegan community and former UCT students who still want to be a part of Vegilicious’ mission.

Having only recently been registered in late 2015, Vegilicious’ NPO currently functions very closely with Vegilicious UCT meaning that a larger network of people, rather than just UCT students, take part in the majority of Vegilicious’ events.

These include cooking classes, film screenings, braais, bring-and-shares, food tastings, wellness weekends and hanging-out with awesome, like-minded people.

Vegilicious UCT also works to make campus vegan-friendly with one of its greatest achievements to date being helping Zemon Foods introduce a wide range of vegan options at Purple Haze, its newest outlet located in Centlivres on Upper Campus (Architecture Building).

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